Encore, LED Mirrored Wall Bar

The design here is quite simple too. The combination of LED lights and an interior mirror however make this little piece a great looker.


Look Mie 180° Mirror Cabinet

Looks particularly good in the bathroom. Our idea: Install Look Mie opposite the basin area as an additional mirror. You can see whether your outfit and …


Garden table Pieksi

A truly cheerful and easy-going companion for your garden! Pieksi is always there where and when you need it.


Shelf Ready

This shelf is in good shape: It allows its contents to play the starring role whilst it takes second stage with a more subtle role in the background.


Shoe Bert, a lean shoe cabinet

Tidying up has never been easier! Shoe Bert not only clears your shoes out of the way but also offers them up in one clean movement when you need them again.