About Us

A Declaration of Love for Functionality and Metal.

The primary purpose of a shelf is of course to create room for you to store your bits and pieces.
But what if if you could also make those things disappear in an instant (for example, those unsightly bathroom items such as toothpaste, razors and deodorants) and instead find yourself looking at your reflection in a full-size mirror? And at the same time taking up only the smallest of spaces? Imagine the same shelf which appeals thanks to its delicate and subtle design, yet is also robust enough to carry quite a load. This is a fine example of when there is more to function than meets the eye: For these functionalities actually help to make our everyday life easier.

The only material with which it is possible to create such sophisticatedly functional ideas so precisely is metal. Not to mention the timeless, sometimes almost weightless beauty of this exceptional element.
In short: We feel a deep connection to the things we design and create.

The name probell stands for furniture that makes life a little easier and more enjoyable every day.

Where can I purchase probell products?

For all individual customers: Our furniture is sold exclusively via our retail partners. You will also find us at Ikarus, Pro Idee and tchibo for example. We would like to take this early opportunity to wish you much enjoyment with your unique new furniture. For retail partners and hoteliers: Please get in touch with us to explore and discuss what we can do for you. We are there for you. Across Europe. And we are happy to show you much, much more.

Please note that this is not an online shop! The items you see represent only a small cross section of our large product range. The purpose here is to show you: This is probell.

» Everything is planned to make things as easy as possible for you. But that does not make our own job any easier. «

- Holger Golüke
Product Creator and Developer

Probell invents and creates Usability Design products

his is our interpretation of design – one which offers high enjoyment in its usage thanks to a lot of thought invested in the development process: What sequence of movements and motion do people make? Which solution offers the most benefits in this particular situation? Our furniture is not designed merely with illustrations but rather also with full-size models. Only then are we able to check and test every single measurement, each rail and all wall brackets. Incidentally, this makes us particularly flexible and fast in the development phase when researching a solution for your individual need. Plus, our production carries the seal “Made in Europe”.

Usability Design follows individual tastes. Our furniture pieces are often playfully colourful or depict the most aesthetic images with digitally printed foil.
In addition, Usability Design is straightforward and direct. There is no razzle dazzle – neither in the form or with the price. However, do feel free to place your most ostentatious candelabra on a probell dresser. They are sure to complement each other well, no doubt.